Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day!

Our first Christmas outside of the Unites States went off pretty well. Sure, when we woke up there was definitely no snow… it was about 70 degrees outside. But it really was nice for the most part. Kaden woke up just before 8:00 and promptly woke up Papa and Mimi. Then we went to see what Santa brought for Kaden (yep, Santa DOES visit the UAE!). He seemed confused at first but got over it quickly as he enjoyed his presents.

The wrapping paper we bought here is the shiny kind that doesn’t tear, so Kaden had a rough time opening the presents that we wrapped. He got discouraged after a few presents and really just wanted to get Elmo out of the box to play! We saved a few for later in the day when he was ready to open more again. We got to chat with Mary-Leah and Co. over the webcam since they “called” us over Yahoo, so that was nice. We actually got to thank them for their presents AS we opened them! Pretty cool from half a world away!

We just had cereal for breakfast, but then Mimi and I hit the kitchen to start preparing dinner. Ultimately we made turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and corn with bacon (PORK bacon!!!), stuffing, sweet potato casserole, and cranberry jelly sauce from the can with the can lines still on it!!! (Hehe, I got my sauce Mommy!). Stu insisted on having ham too so we spent a whopping $29 on the turkey and another $19 on a 2-pound chunk of ham. Pretty pricy dinner compared to what we would have paid back home! It was worth it though since it was so good.

Papa took Kaden up to the roof after breakfast to play and then fall asleep! We all ended up on the roof hanging out (me with my tea!) and chatting, enjoying the beautiful weather we are blessed with here this time of year.

Unfortunately Kaden didn’t like dinner very much and after two failed attempts at eating it, settled on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for his Christmas Dinner.
Here are some pics. Enjoy!

Kaden coming in to see what Santa brought him... (and sporting his cool Rudolph light up shirt from Grandma and Grandpa Fox!)

New toys!

Santa Papa in his Christmas jammies!

We DID have a white Christmas after all!

Instead of actually buying each other gifts, Stu and I had gifts that we're getting in the next few weeks (he has to go to the base to get mine and his is being shipped right now... so for me he wrapped a weight and wrote what I got!)

Thanks for the dishes Momma E!

Stu's new shirt.

Mimi and Papa opening their gifts.

So focused opening his cool new bath crayons from Mo and Co.!

In mid throw... his new Broncos ball from Aunt Marcia... look at that arm! Future Quarterback.

Cool new Bronco socks too!

Always improvising... the pan we got for the turkey didn't fit in out Barbie-sized oven so we had to rig it to fit!

Christmas is hard!

Sleeping baby.

Hanging out on the swing on the roof.

His cool ball!

Mimi working hard in the kitchen.

Me making the bacon, green beans and corn mixture.

Kaden dinner that he didn't like.

MY dinner that I LOVED!


  1. Cool! So awesome to see you guys all hanging out and having fun. Papa must have been in heaven to have little Kaden sleeping on him like was awesome to see you guys on the webcam as you opened your presents! Technology is great!

  2. Thats sounds like a lota of fun..

    maybe if you offer Kaden his food on a white plate, maybe would make him eat? I dont know really just a a suggestion, hope it works :D