Monday, December 1, 2008

It Never Ends.

I told you about the helicopter in the bathroom. Well, we've been dealing with it for a few nights now and then this morning (Monday, NOT Saturday... apparently God didn't will it) our watchman shows up with the A/C guys in tow. Now, this wouldn't normally have bothered me since they were here to fix the horrible noise, but they actually woke me up! Kaden has been sleeping a little later in the mornings lately and so bright and early at 8 AM they came a-pounding on the door. I answered it in far too few clothes and got a screaming freshly awakened baby out of his crib.

They have been here all day so far. Kaden just went down for a nap (it's noon) and one of the workers told me they would leave and come back at 2:00, inshallah, with someone more experienced. He said, "Is beeg problem." I asked how long they still needed to work on it and he said, "many hours". Awesome. So hopefully tonight we can sleep a little more soundly. If they remember to even come back. In the meantime my bathroom is trashed, has no ceiling, and has roach parts, mold and dust strewn about. Sigh.

The flash makes it harder to see... but it's nasty.

My A/C parts... in the tub.

The bathroom "ceiling".

Last night Stu was looking through the closet in Kaden's room to see if Mimi and Papa could put some of their clothes away while they are here. We don't usually use the closet much unless it is to store things we don't use often. He opened up one of the empty drawers and found it FULL of mold. I guess with the summer being so moist, it provided the perfect environment for mold growth because it was disgusting and everywhere. So he pulled them out and I bleached the crap out of them in the bathtub and made my hands burn. We've had mold problems the whole time we've been here. We tried to get the A/C guys to clean the ducts (see Just Breathe) before and they laughed at such an absurd thought. So Stu and I cleaned them as best as we could and this is the result of only a few months worth of new growth:

And they think we're the idiots. In the meantime Kaden and I had had itchy noses, eyes, and faces all day with as much "stuff" as they are kicking around through the air. I opened the windows and kept us shut off in the living room as much as possible, but it was horrible.


  1. Gross! What a pain - you need your bathroom! Hey, why do you have two toilets? HAHAHA!

  2. When Mimi gets there, I'll take care of the mold for least for a few weeks/months! Too bad I can't bring some of my famous "tilex" but, alas, I'm sure I'd get kicked off the plane and probably end up in jail on top of it!! LOL And as far as places to put our clothes...we will live out of our luggage as we always do, so don't worry about that. The only "good" clothes we'll be bringing are for the Grand Mosque tour!! haha Our luggage will be just fine for us. We're used to it after all the traveling we've done! Love you and have a good "C" day..can't wait until "D".... Mimi and Papa