Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Z Day! Merry Christmas!

Mimi and Stu both said "Zebras"... I'm not sure that zebras are my favorite necessarily, but they are a Z word! :)

Zero Day - What today is! When you're counting down to an event, the day of the event is called the "Zero Day"... what a great day!

Today was Christmas and thank you to our lovely viewers who tuned in to watch Kaden open presents. I will be sure to blog our Christmas soon, but for now I am still enjoying it. Right now we are going to complete our night (after a FAB dinner) by watching The Santa Clause (per Stu's request) and have some pie!

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Zigzag - because it's fun to say and it has two z's

    Zenith - not the TV brand, but the real zenith (whatever that is)

    Zephyr - I don't even know what this is, but the word is cool!

    Zits - with two teenagers in the house and two fortysomething's with adult acne, we see a lot of these! HAHA!

    Zenobia - the name of one of Harrison's classmates. Seriously.

  2. Merry Christmas Sydney!! Hope you and the family are having a great time! I was at Grandmom and Granddad Ezzell's house in Rocky Mount (NC) this weekend and got to see the big wall of family photos. There's some older pictures of your family and mine mixed in there - it's amazing how so much has changed! She said she wants some current pics of you, and also your mailing address, which I didn't have. Anyway, just thought I'd pass that along! I can print out a certain photo for her if you'd like me to, but I won't unless you want. Anyway just let me know if you'd like that! See ya.

  3. Merry Christmas you guys! When you come to the States, be sure to let me know, I would love for us to get together!