Friday, December 12, 2008

14 Days... The Letter "M"

Monkey - My personal nickname for Kaden ("Monk" for short). He really is my little monkey!

Memories - Stu and I love to reminisce about our memories all the time. Memories are such a great way to keep your favorite things from your past current.

Money - The sole reason we made this treck out here. It was the one thing that made us take a leap of faith both financially, in our relationship, and mentally and I am so thankful for ambition leading the way to bigger and better things for our family.

Mascara - One of my few girlie indulgences. My chapstick and mascara. I can go without the rest of my make-up, but I really really love my mascara. :)

Mom - The most important woman in my life... I don't know what I would do without her.

Magazines - Thank you to Mimi, Marcia, and Mary-Leah for sending them to me. I absolutely love to disappear into the gossipy world of Hollywood and forget, even if just temporarily, that I live in the Middle East.

Mail - Especially here, getting our "Christmas" boxes from the fam really makes everything so fun!


  1. HEY!!! MIMI!!! Did you forget that one for M?? :( You can apologize in just about 48 +/- hours personally!!! hahaha Do you need more mascara?? What kind? We have all of Saturday to shop for all the last minute things! We're bringing an edible surprise for you (and us, too)...Yummmm

    Love you...Mimi and Papa

  2. Maddison!! And you are the SWEETEST daughter ever!! You made my Day!!! (also, Marcia and Mo, and of course, My Mom! the other best Mom ever!!)
    Love, MammaE

  3. Ok, so everyone already took the M names I was going to say, but how about:
    marshmallow creme - yum!
    Maybe - the safest answer when you have kids! (Although my kids think it means "yes")
    Midget twins - what we call Harrison and Arlie
    Macaroni and cheese - because no matter how old you get, everyone loves the "blue box"