Thursday, December 11, 2008

15 Days... The Letter "L"

Love - Gotta love love, huh? :)

Loyalty - Whether it is a dog or a friend, loyalty is very important in life.

Ladybug - Nightlight that is. In storage in Boise is my favorite red and black ladybug nightlight that I used to read to at night. I sure do miss my ladybug!

Lake - I'm a true Idahoan in this sense. When I say I want to go to the "beach", I mean that I want to go to the non-salt-water lake and relax on the imported sand the city planners have fashioned into a "beach". Awwwwww, the beach!

Language - This is my own nerdness at work here, but I do really love language. I think it's fascinating that way back when someone thought up a way to communicate with another member of their species. Now watching Kaden learn words slowly but surely is even more exciting. Not to mention living among plenty of diverse languages is always interesting if nothing else.


  1. Lame - one of my favorite words! Lucky - because that's how I feel every day. Like - not quite love, but not hate either. As in, do you LIKE him or do you LIKE LIKE him? Lascivious - I don't even really know what this means for certain, but it's fun to say and spell! HAHA!

  2. Lima beans!! Especially the fresh ones from Grandad Ezzells garden!! Jan can make the most delicious lima beans I have ever had!!!
    Love, MammaE