Saturday, December 20, 2008

Burj Dubai.

Because of the internet outage I never got to finish telling about our adventure to Dubai. After the Aquarium we saw the Burj Dubai. From a distance this monstrosity is definitely big, but getting close to it makes it truly unbelievable. We got so close that I couldn’t see it. You look at the buildings all around and it has no top from your view in the backseat of the car that I literally lost sight of it.

It was sunset and getting cooler out, but I really could have spent forever out there just looking at it while the construction workers went about their business. They didn’t even protest when Stu and I snuck past the construction barrier to take some closer pictures. They just walked around us. Safe. Lol.

So here are the pics of the Burj Dubai. This is one case where pictures really cannot capture the enormity of the structure! Enjoy!

This is the construction site.

This was from inside the parking garage at the Dubai Mall.

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