Wednesday, December 10, 2008

16 Days... The Letter "K"

KADEN - Our very favorite of everything in life!

Karate - Even though we aren't taking it any more, this is really what helped me get back into shape after having Kaden. I started 6 weeks post-partum and went until we left. I am not sure if we will get back into it when we get home or not, but it definitely holds a special place in our life.

Karma - This one is a big one for us. Since we moved here, we've really been trying to be better people in general. We strive to be good friends, good spouses, good parents, etc., all with the knowledge that we should because doing good will send good our way. "Do unto others..."

Keepsakes - Everyone who knows me well knows what a pack rat I am. I am trying to throw away more and more things, but I still find myself with rocks in the bottom of my desk drawer that were from a "special place" I can no longer remember anymore...

Khalifa - Yep, that's right. The Sheikh. I admire all that he has done for the UAE since he took over after his father died in 2004. While this region may eventually implode with the ongoing struggle between advancement and historical significance, it truly is amazing what a city Abu Dhabi has become.

Knitting - While I still don't quite have it down, it definitely has proven to be a good past time.


  1. yay , a nice letter indeed :)

  2. Kicking back - my favorite activity that I never have time for!

  3. Keys! Justine can never find hers, I have too many, and David knows what every single one in the house goes to - weird!
    I remember when Marcia and I got to go to the brass foundry in San Francisco with Papa when they were cleaning it up to make a new warehouse and I found a keyring with brass keys on it. Skeleton keys, big round keys, other neat ones...I had that keyring until one of the little kids lost it here in Idaho. Every kid played with them at one time or another:-)
    Love, MammaE

  4. Obviously...I have to say KYLE.