Saturday, December 20, 2008

Madinat Jumierah.

For dinner in Dubai we headed to the Madinat Jumierah hotel to eat at Toscana, a little Italian Restaurant there on the water. It was good food and Kaden was decent.

I have to say, that child has been a shit since they have been here. I am not sure if it is him being sick and getting a little more attention than normal that triggered it, or if it’s just his schedule being messed up, but he has become insane. He has been throwing himself on the floor and literally throwing temper tantrums! He’s been whining about EVERYTHING and just screaming for no reason. So bizarre. This morning when I got up with him before everyone else woke up he was my angel baby. But as soon as others get up he is a total brat. Even Mimi and Papa said when Stu and I went to the store without him the other day he was good with just them, so I guess it is too many of us around too much of the time for his liking.

Back to dinner, he did have a little fit right after we got there, but was otherwise a pretty good sport. Especially considering that we didn’t eat until after 8:00 since we got to Dubai so late. Anyway, as I said, the food was pretty good and we all got to take home leftovers.

After dinner we walked around the souk that is there and took some pics with the Burj Al Arab. Papa has been saying this whole trip who every day he thinks he can’t be more impressed and then every day he is. I am so glad they are enjoying themselves and having a good time seeing our favorite parts of the UAE.

Here are some pics of the hotel and the night.

It was cold and windy out by the water!

The Burj Al Arab.

The Christmas tree in the lobby of the hotel.

Me at dinner.

Mimi at dinner.

Papa at dinner.

Stu at dinner.

Papa, Kaden and Humphrey, his new camel that Mimi got him at Dubai Mall.
This gentleman makes these glass sand art jars that are soooo cool. You can watch him shape the camels in the jars right there.

All of us in front of the Burj Al Arab.

Mimi, Papa and Kaden

Stu and Me.

Papa liked that Santa was making a visit to the UAE this year.

This is the water the restaurants are situated on.

Me relaxing in a sitting room in the hotel.

The grounds of the hotel.

See in the background? It's the Burj Dubai again! (Just tiny now)

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  1. Kaden's tantrums are probably a result of his age more than anything. It's a very common time for those to start happening. And then, any change in routine can set them off. Patience! And ignoring them works too. If your ears can stand it. It's a tough age, but I can honestly say, a lot easier than the teenage years. Hard to believe at the time, but true.