Saturday, December 20, 2008

7, 6, & 5 Days... The Letters T, U, and V!

We’re back online! (At least for now. It's been a sketchy connection to say the very least. When Kundi said we may not be back on until Christmas I thought I was going to DIE without my Blogger working! Well, luckily for me, we're back on and I only have three days to catch up on (three very eventful days!). Luckily for YOU, you can keep on reading now! Yay!

So T:

Turtles - the kind that are pretend... and float in the tub. Not the real variety.

Tickles - Who doesn't love to tickle a baby and listen to them squeal??? :)

The Letter U: (We're going to go fast just so we can get all caught up!)

Undies - Maybe it's just me, but I love my underoos! I'm not a big shopper, but I could spend thousands in the lingerie department easily. (I don't. But I COULD.)

Ultrasound - For babies, not for some strange illness. I remember our ultrasound like it was yesterday. It was so exciting.

The Letter V:

Valentine's Day - I'm the hopeless romantic in this relationship and V-day is as good as reason as any to make the house obnoxiously red and pink and covered in hearts. I do love this otherwise "Hallmark Holiday".

Vacation - SOMEDAY Stu and I will get a Honeymoon and in the meantime we've been talking about all the places we can go for it. Who doesn't love a vacation?

1 comment:

  1. Teriyaki - as in teriyaki chicken from Izumi! Nothing like it!

    Toys - young or old, we love our toys!

    Toddlers - simply the best and worst age ever. Cuteness and tantrums all rolled into one.

    Understanding - what we could all be a little more of

    U-G-L-Y - the funny song. As in "you ain't go no alibi".

    Umpteen - how many times is that anyway?

    Visitors - whether relatives for a week or a friend for coffee, I love having visitors!

    Voluptuous - what I like to think I am (it sounds so much better than "fat")

    Voluminous - what my hair is!