Sunday, December 7, 2008

19 Days... The Letter "H"

Happiness - Who doesn't like to be happy? It's an ever-present goal for everything in my life, so it has to be my number one.

Hats - If you've looked at my pics on my blog, you know both my boys sure do love their hats! Especially their Boise State hats!

Halloween - A collective favorite for our family. Now that we can dress our little monkey up, Halloween has gotten even better, though Halloween was also a pivotal holiday for Stu and I.

Haji - While the owner's of this particular word may not always be our favorite people, the word sure is up there!

Hot Chocolate - We voted and decided this one qualifies as an "H" word. This has to be my favorite holiday drink.

Holidays - Any time there is a reason for celebration and an excuse to get together with family and friends is ok by me.


  1. Hayley, Hannah, Harrison. Those are my favorite "H" words! But I also like Hamilton, my build-a-bear monkey the kids made for me one Valentine's day. And hearts - they are so fun to draw and look at (I love "decorating" for Valentine's day because of this). Also hope - because without it, it's a pretty dismal world. Hallelujah!