Thursday, December 4, 2008

22 Days... The Letter "E"

Eggs - Stu and I agree that this has to be our first pick for "E" day! We both love eggs and their wonderful versatility. Kaden likes them too, so eggs are our number one!

Electronics - This is more Stu's pick than mine, but he could spend hours just hanging out in the electronics department of a store, planning his next purchase (we went to SEVERAL stores before we finally agreed on the camera and TV we got!). We both love all of our gadgets and toys!

Education - this one is undoubtedly my pick, but I think education is one of the best things ever! It is so important the educate your children and yourself.
I can't think of any more good Es today (but I am confident YOU will!), so that will have to be my list! :) Stay tuned for pictures of the Abu Dhabi Marine Sports Festival we went to today!


  1. Elephants - how can you not love their cuteness? But last night I had a dream that an elephant was chasing me and he was evil! Oh well. Employment - gotta be grateful for a job right? Excellence - anything worth doing is worth doing well. Escalators - what kid doesn't love riding up those? I once took Harrison to a store just to ride one because he loved them so much. Elf - one of the funniest Christmas movies! Those are my "E" picks for today!

  2. The greatest last name in the world, haha - Ezzell!!! :)

  3. E-mail!!

    Everyone who knows my husband, David, knows it is just about the only way he communicates with anyone - Yes, that includes ME! I have forwarded some of the funniest e-mails that came from him!