Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dubai Mall.

The latest and greatest, "biggest/best/newest/coolest/weirdest/dumbest _______ in the UAE" just opened up in Dubai in the form of a new mall. To its credit, this really is one cool mall! It is several floors of utter beauty and luxury. Dubai has done it again, going over and above what is necessary, to create a truly breathtaking mall. Also in this mall is an Aquarium, but that is another (the next) post. Here are some pics of us enjoying the new Dubai mall:

Papa checking out the goods at Rodeo Drive.
Our little family in front of a HUGE Christmas tree!

Mimi and Papa with the tree.

Taco Bell... the only one in the country!

So I know we're not really supposed to take pictures of the locals, but we figured when they're doing something they're not supposed to be doing anyway (PDA) that we can take a picture of it! :)

Stuie in a camel hat.

Me in the camel hat.

Stu with a fountain... in the middle of the parking garage. (Tell me, have YOU ever seen a fountain in any parking garage YOU'VE ever been in???)


  1. OMGsh!!!!!!! We have taco bell!!
    This is too good. I can barely stop my self from driving there right now and getting a supreme soft taco. YUM!

  2. Cool! Almost makes me want to go shopping........almost.......

  3. Whoa. First, there is no Taco Bell in Pullman and we literally drive to Lewiston once a month to indulge. I bet that is one busy place.
    Second, that picture of the locals is reallu precious.