Monday, December 22, 2008

4 Days... The Letter "W"

Watermelon - Especially from the vegetable market here, we just have the best watermelon! I like it cut into pieces (usually I am the one to do this, haha) with the seeds picked out. YYuuuummmmm, watermelon!

Wakeboarding - Even though these past few years I've only gotten to go out on my parents' boat a handfull of times, I'm still a lover of the old wakeboard. We got Stu on it last year (and me on it 3 weeks post-partum) and we had such a good time. I miss the lake in the summer.

Weddings - I'm a crier... even if it isn't MY wedding, I just love weddings. I am so bummed that we had to miss both of our best friends MARRYING EACH OTHER this summer, but I am sure we will get to make up for lost time eventually (like perhaps a date night to Buster's for Monday night football???).

Walks - Like around the block with your hubby talking about your day. I love to go on walks and we do them quite a bit here (though sometimes it requires taking a drive to get to where we want to walk.

Walt Disney - He helped to make my life so much better with the invention of fabulously fun kids movies.


  1. Ditto on the Walt Disney - I will always love the Disney movies we grew up on.

    And the water is great too! I never got wakeboarding down but I sure do love water skiing. And we like to throw my brother around on the tube. =)

  2. Wishes - who doesn't love to make them? On stars, on your birthday candles, on a fallen eyelash....who knows, it might come true!

    Whipped cream - especially the squirty kind you put on hot chocolate! Yum!

    Wine - I love wine - everything except drinking it! I HATE the taste of wine, but I love it's sophistication, the pretty labels on the bottles, the "pairing" of wine with food, even cooking with wine. Just don't make me drink it! Ewww.

    Women - like men, only better!(don't take that the wrong way - haha!)

  3. Waterslides - something I miss in the winter! Like Silverwood!

    Webcams - so convinient for across-the-world communication!

    cool Whip - possibly the greatest pie topper ever. No wait - THE greatest pie topper ever! =]


  4. We will definitely have to have a date night to Busters when you get back! And lots of other date nights too! we have lots to make up for.