Wednesday, December 17, 2008

9 Days... The Letter "R"

Races - All Kinds. The street, more illegal variety. Organized drag and lap races. For whatever reason this girl has the need for speed! :)

Radio - I miss my commute! The radio was the best part of my day. Alone in my car, the temperature exactly how I want it, no other in-the-car distractions. Just me and my radio and whatever I want to hear...

Rafting - In a few years Kaden will accompany us all on the Salmon river in Riggins for his first rafting experience. So much fun!

Rainbows - Cause they're pretty. Nuff said.

Ramadan - (Just Kidding.)

Ravioli - The frozen kind with the white cheese inside. I like them boiled with no sauce. Bomb.


  1. Hey, good luck with that radio thing. You are a parent now, so your days of quiet in the car are over, and listening to your radio station is over - you will now be accompanied by toddler chatter and CD's of the latest children's performer - but I must say it's a sound sweeter than any radio station!

    Here are my "R" contributions:

    Ridiculous - the news around here when it's snowing - you'd think it was a nuclear attack or something. Life just shuts down.

    Right - what I always am! HAHA!

    Relax - something I don't get to do too much but I love it when I do!

    Rice - especially the sticky kind at Izumi!

  2. Ditto to the Rafting!! I love it, SO much fun.

    Ditto to the Radio too - except it's getting to where it has too many commercials all the time!

    Rain - sometimes an inconvenience but always a good thing to have, especially after last year's drought around here!

    Riding - sometimes it's nice just to get out and take a nice drive or ride with someone bound for nowhere.

    Rollercoasters!! Exhilarating!

  3. you forgot ravelry :)
    hope your mimi and papa are enjoying their time here in AD

  4. For all my Glouster peeps, and two of the founding members visting the Dhab right now....RUTTERS!!!! Go to if you want to read all about them.