Friday, December 5, 2008

21 Days... The Letter "F"

Fox - Our last name and it sure is a fun one!

Fruit - Good for you AND tasty, what more could you want in a low-calorie food???

Friends - After living here we especially love our friends from back home. It is very hard to find truly good and caring people to surround yourself with and we are blessed.

Family - Can't live without them! I have the most supportive and loving family a girl could ever ask for! Since we've moved here I've also had the good fortune of getting back in touch with some family I haven't seen in years (that means you Sarah and Brittany!). Stu and I more than appreciate all that our family does for us, especially since we've been here. We love you!

I love that other people have been adding their own favorites in the comments! Keep adding! :)


  1. Fabulous! I love that word! I'm fabulous! Fantastic! Also a good one. Jeff said "phenomenal" but he's an idiot! Duh! Frapuccino! Yum. Fairs - elephant ears, funnel cakes, caramel apples - yay! Farts - they are just funny! Another "F" word! And of course, my best friend Tonya's favorite saying "F**k the f**king f**kers!"

  2. FRIDAYS!! Of course any day can be a friday, just so long as its your last day of work for the week! My Fridays are on Tuesday, Dads are on Sunday. Whatever day it is its still Friday!!
    Love Mamma

  3. Football games, fun, and fountains (like water fountains. who doesn't love those?!)

  4. Wow AMEN to the Fridays!! Plus Football games and FUN!
    PS - I'm really glad we've gotten back in touch too! :) Hehe I laughed at my reaction to reading that because my first though was, Hehe I got a shoutout! :P My bf Jason even walked in and joked that I was smiling - told him I was giggling at myself.

  5. Dang it! MO (or actually, Tonya) "stole" my favorite word and believe me, I'm trying as hard as I can, to stop saying that word so my only greatgrandson won't hear me say it!! haha And my other "F" word is "Favorites" as without it I wouldn't know how to read your blog daily since I don't know how to do it otherwise!! Duh! I know...old people..don't mess with them! LOL
    Love you!! Mimi and Papa

  6. So your Fridays are on Thursday!