Monday, December 22, 2008

Lazy Days

After running Mimi and Papa ragged for a few days we decided to take the past few off and just relax. Last night we grilled chicken on the roof and watched a movie. Today Papa and I took Kaden up to the roof to play (and, not Kaden) while Mimi wrapped Christmas presents.

They are all napping right now while I get ready to make dinner (Chinese tonight) and have another calm night. Sorry there are no fun pictures to go along with our laziness! :) More later.


  1. Lazy is good. Ever noticed how you spend a totally lazy day and then go "I'm so TIRED"? I mean, what? You just lounged around all day. We've had some pretty lazy days here. Snow does that to Seattleites. I'm relishing every moment to be "bored" because that is such a rarity in my life anymore. I say, go lazy!