Thursday, December 11, 2008

Park Again.

We parked it again today for a while in the morning. Here are a few more pics of us having a great time in the sun. (Seriously though it was so hot we had to call it quits after about an hour because Stu and I were so hot and sweaty)

Kaden had a great time and learned how to swing on his own! Big boy. Stu and I just threw the ball around for a while and then came home for some lunch. Here’s the pics!

Swinging Family!

And here are my boys doing sit-ups... working out hard!


  1. Do you ask someone to take photos of you guys (like the one on the swing?) or do you set up a tripod? I'm afraid to ask someone to take a photo, fearing they will steal my "baby" (my Nikon D60). Also afraid to leave it unattended on a tripod! HAHA! Tips?

  2. Nope, in this case we set it up on the stroller and used the self timer. Normally we just take them of each other with him or set it up on the tri-pod.